About Us

The Qestbuild Story

Qestbuild began in 1998 with the vision to provide a service spanning both design and construction and where high quality workmanship and business integrity would not be compromised.

The company has gone from strength to strength winning a few building awards along the way and is now in the enviable position of being sought out by past clients for second and even third projects.

While appreciating the importance of efficiency and the need to keep projects on time Qestbuild also puts a high value on client liaison and on a readiness to be flexible and able to adapt plans and specifications when requested.

Qestbuild has a long association with a number of suppliers who have served us well. Our tradespeople are typically allied with us for many years, citing good organisation, financial integrity and a good moral foundation as the key reasons they work with us.

Qestbuild is indeed proud that many of the staff have their lives grounded in a Christian faith and while they understand that actions speak louder than words they see every day and every project as an opportunity to put their conviction to the test.

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